List of sample translations
by Valters Feists


I am specialised in translating and writing technical, business and communicative texts in which high linguistic quality and an aesthetic appeal are needed. The samples below reflect my creativity and skills that conform to literary standards. 

My Latvian translation service is delivered in accordance with the normal professional procedures that are accepted internationally.

If you are an agency, publisher or individual looking for someone to translate from or into Latvian, kindly e-mail  


  Security/surveillance cameras for IP networks: new product range press release

(2012) English-Latvian translation >


  Computer business text: Hewlett-Packard press release

(2003) English-Latvian translation >


  Latvian fiction: Counterfeit Faustus

Originally published in 1973 in Riga. 
Translated for educational purposes in 2004.   Latvian-English >


  British fiction: How the Dead Live

(transl. 2003) English-Latvian >


  Pharmaceutical/medical translation: fragments from a Latvian book
(translated for education purposes in 2006)   Latvian-English translation >

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